Copyright resources

As we are moving further into the digital age, there are lots of questions about copyright and how we are legally allowed to use media and digital content in the classroom these days. Fair use provisions are made for teachers and students providing the educational directives are clear. To help you answer your questions about copyright law and your own fair use, I've compiled a couple of resources:

Public Law number 94-553 (The Copyright Law of 1976)
This revision of the U.S. Copyright Law, title 17 of the United States Code was made law on October 19, 1976, and enacted in 1978. This is the most recent revision of copyright law. Prior to this, the only copyright law that was in effect was from 1909.

Put together by the US Copyright Office this is the definitive guide for educators, librarians, and archivists about fair use and photocopying provisions. Using non-legal terminology, it is an easy to understand and very condensed guide.

The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance
Directed more towards higher ed, this online guide helps to clear up what is and is not allowed in academic settings, and includes a nice section on fair use in distance education.

I hope this helps to answer any questions that might arise throughout the school year.