1 Math 4 - Place Value, Comparison, Addition/Subtraction to 40

Makey Takey: Place Value

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This kit is designed for use in a center with a 1st grade class to address the NY Common Core Math standard 1.NBT.2: Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones. During this lesson, students will determine which pressure switch activates each place value and put them in the correct order. Students will be given a two- or three-digit number (by the teacher), and students will activate the correct pressure switches to arrive at the correct number in the pre-created Scratch program.

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Piñata Fever

In this math game you’re the host of a crazy piñata party. To keep the party pumping you need to keep the candy jar topped up – and the only way to get more candy is by smashing piñatas!

These colourful, goody-stuffed toys descend slowly from the top of the play area. You must move quickly to intercept them by adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. Once in position, smash open the piñatas to release their tasty treats! Think fast because if you run out of candy, the party’s over!

Number Sense (2004)

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Uses concrete examples to explain common math concepts such as the difference between odd and even numbers, < & > signs, and place value. Discusses counting tricks - making patterns and skip counting, comparing and ordering numbers, and estimation.

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Number Sense