2 Math 2 - Addition and Subtraction of Length Units

Pearl Diver

Navigate the number line while diving among shipwrecks and sunken ruins. Will you find a pearl, or an old boot? Watch out for the electric eel! Pearl Diver teaches properties of numbers, how to plot numbers, how to visualize quantity on the number line, how to order numbers, and how to use the number line as a visual model for mathematical operations.

Whole Number Subtraction (Online Textbook)

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Have you ever seen seals at the zoo? They are fascinating animals.

Jonah loves working with the seals. In fact, he learns more and more about them every day. One day when he arrived at work, Jonah discovered that there had been a new baby seal pup born the night before. The workers at the zoo had weighed the new pup and his mother just that morning. The mother seal had weighed 157 pounds when she had been weighed alone. The combined weight of both the Mother and pup was 171 pounds.

What did the new pup weigh?

Whole Number Addition (Online Textbook)

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Have you ever been to the zoo? Have you ever had to add whole numbers to solve a problem? Adding whole numbers is a skill that can help you to solve many real - world problems. Jonah is a student volunteer at the city zoo. He is working with the seals. Jonah loves his job, especially because he gets to help feed the seals who live at the zoo. There are 25 female and 18 male seals. In order to figure out how much to feed them, he will need to know the total number of seals. Use what you will learn in this Concept to help Jonah figure out the total number of seals.

Giant Dwarf (Zwerg Riese)

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Dwarves want gold. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. But since their legs are short, walking from location to location to collect gold takes a long time – which is why they don't walk on their own, but instead use a giant for transportation.

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Special Education
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20 min.
Giant Dwarf (Zwerg Riese)