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Erie: The Canal That Made America (2017)

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The Erie Canal, one of the earliest transcendent tales of the American experience, became the nation's first great technical innovation and a gateway to prominence.
This documentary by the Syracuse PBS station, WCNY Connected, marks the bicentennial of the start of construction of the Erie Canal.

Erie: The Canal That Made America

A Woman in the House (and Senate)

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"This woman's place is in the house—The House of Representatives!"

That was the slogan of Bella Abzug's successful 1970 election campaign. But from the first Congress, in 1789, until the 65th Congress, in 1917, women served in neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate. It wasn't until a suffragist from Montana named Jeannette Rankin won her state's congressional election that women first came to the House. "I may be the first woman member of Congress," she declared, "but I won't be the last." She wasn't, but it's been slow going.

A Woman in the House (and Senate)

Freedom: The Underground Railroad

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Early in the history of the United States, slavery was an institution that seemed unmovable but with efforts of men and women across the country, it was toppled.

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Freedom: The Underground Railroad