K D9 - Columbus and the Pilgrims

Supporting Materials


Giving Thanks

This story is based on the “Thanksgiving Address,” a Native American message of peace and thankfulness for all the blessings of the earth.


Pedro's Journal

Destination Unknown...

Pedro de Salcedo could not have known what adventures lay ahead! His incredible voyage as ship's boy aboard Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria would bring both danger and excitement. Pedro captured his experience between the pages of a journal. If he did not return...


Plymouth Plantation

Students blast back in time to the original Plymouth Plantation of 1620, the first colonial settlement in southern New England. Follow along as they learn about daily life and culture, the roles of Pilgrim men and women, the voyage of the Mayflower, and the importance of the Mayflower Compact....


Thanksgiving Day: America Celebrates

See the story of the Mayflower's passage and the Pilgrims' first year in the New World. Learn about the Wompanoag Indian tribe and a game they may have played during the first harvest celebration—Thanksgiving. Learn many different ways that Americans celebrate this important day. Teacher's Guide...

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