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How I Became a Pirate

When Braid Beard's pirate crew invites Jeremy Jacob to join their voyage, he jumps right on board. Buried treasure, sea chanteys, pirate talk--who wouldn't go along? Soon Jeremy Jacob knows all about being a pirate. He throws his food across the table and his manners to the wind. He hollers like...


I Got Two Dogs

Though not always well-behaved, beloved poochie pets Fanny and Blue, are “loyal and true . . . ooooo . . .”, and are at the heart of this amusing, affectionate paean that uses Lithgow's children's song lyrics as text. They may not know any tricks, and Blue's “ruffs” and Fanny's “yips” at the...


I'm a Manatee

Narrated by John Lithgow, himself!!
"From time to time I dream that I'm a manatee,
Undulating underneath the sea..."
A little boy dreams of becoming a manatee, and what a dream it is! With his new gigan-atee manatee proportions, he sets off on an underwater adventure with his...


Jack and the Beanstalk

The TumbleBook™ version of the classic tale of Jack, his magic beans, the Ogre, the bags of gold, and the hen that laid the golden eggs.


Marsupial Sue

Sue is not happy being a kangaroo. Her relatives hop all around, and she gets an incredible migraine, among other pains. So she wanders away, looking for something new. She attempts to hang from a branch like a koala, but ends up in a heap on the ground! She then eyes a platypus basking in the...


Marsupial Sue Presents: The Runaway Pancake

"I'm too fast, you're too slow. Pan, pan, patty-cake pan, I can get away from you, I can!" - The much-loved story of the Runaway Pancake who pops out of the oven and is sure he can escape all who want to eat him, is given a new spin when Marsupial Sue and her friends put on a play version for...


Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10

I know my teacher, Miss Malarkey, lives in our classroom, Room 10. She's there all the time. In fact, all the teachers live at school. They eat dinner in the cafeteria and sleep in the teachers' lounge. I'm sure of it!

So why is Miss Malarkey moving into my apartment house?...



Miss Malarkey Won't Be in Today

Miss Malarkey is back (Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10) and this time SHE is the one with the over-active imagination! Stuck at home, delirious and helplessly sick, Miss Malarkey can't help but worry about which substitute Principal Wiggins has called in. Is it that ex-drill sergeant, Mr....


Ogre Fun

One sluggish afternoon young Gronny decides to scare up some fun for his ogre friends and family. Instead, he catches a contagious case of yawns from a deceptively safe-looking creature in a playground, and he brings them back to the ogre homestead, where no one has ever seen a yawn before. The...


Penguin Story, A

Edna the penguin only knows the three colors that surround her: white ice, black night, and blue sea. She is convinced there is something more out there. So she sets out on a quest—a quest for color. When she finally finds what she's been looking for, it's everything she hoped for and more. But...


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