5 M2A - Biodiversity in Rainforests of the Western Hemisphere

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24 Questions with NRC Director Dr. Meg Lowman

As Director of North Carolina’s new Nature Research Center (NRC), Meg oversees all aspects of the technology/research/education center including staff supervision; research laboratories; technology; fund-raising; strategic planning; and integration with existing Museum programs.

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A Trail Through Leaves: The Journal as a Path to Place by Hannah Hinchman

This google ebook can be read directly online.

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Birds in Town & Village by W. H. Hudson

This ebook can be read online or downloaded as an epub, kindle format, or plain text format.


Cardline: Animals

Cardline: Animals is a card game played with approximately 100 cards. Both sides of each card depict an animal, its name, and its class (amphibian, mammal, etc.), while its average length, weight, and lifespan are printed on only one side of the card. For each game, players decide before playing...

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Field Notes on Science & Nature

Covering disciplines as diverse as ornithology, entomology, ecology, paleontology, anthropology, botany, and animal behavior, Field Notes on Science & Nature allows readers to peer over the shoulders and into the notebooks of a dozen eminent field workers, to study firsthand their...

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John Muir Journals

This is a link to the journals of naturalist John Muir. Click on the cover of any journal to see inside and then select a page with drawings and text.

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Live Online Interview with Eve Nilson

Online interview with a 15-year-old scientist Eve Nilson.


Rain Forests

This kit consists of two bags worth of materials to educate students all about the rainforest and the cultures of the people who live there.

Kit consists of:
Bag 1:
1 coconut tropical bird feeder from the Southeast Asian Tropics
1 applique mola art from...

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Selections from the Field Journal of William Duncan Strong (Honduras, 1933)

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Sloth Canopy Researcher: Bryson Voirin

Interview with Biologist: Bryson Viorin.


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