K Math 1 - Numbers to 10

Supporting Materials


4 Way Countdown

Players compete to achieve all numbers from 1 through 10 using 2 dice and simple math. Score is marked with wooden pegs that are flipped when a number is achieved. Basically a four player version of Shut the Box. But it includes some variation. Players may not use the two dice as separate...



Help Calculino to take four blue, four yellow and four red starfishes on board as quickly as possible to begin the long journey through the ocean. A lot of concentration, strategy and mathematical knowledge is required.


Clever Bear Learns to Count

Part of the "LernSpiel" (English = Learning Game) series from Haba, this is a series of counting games for young children using a very cute counting string with wooden bear, 4 sets of 1-10 counting tiles (marked with dice faces, numbers, fingers & cubes) and three different dice (marked with...


Gopher It!

Who wants to win the Gopher Trophy prize? The player who does must be risky yet wise. Collect the Gopher snacks in ones, twos, and threes... and stop gathering food whenever you please. Get exactly six and not any more, to be the player with the highest score!


Numbers & Quantities

Numbers are important from how old you are, to your address and telephone number, to how many cookies you get to eat! In this program children learn numbers as easy as 1-2-3 along with identifying 0 to 50, count forward and backward, basic addition and the concept of quantities.Teaches:...


Tiny Polka Dot

Tiny Polka Dot cards come in six suits, each with eleven cards representing the numbers from 0 to 10. Each suit uses a different representation. These are Ten Frames, Big and Little Dots, Circles, Doubles Plus One, Numerals, and Dice Patterns. Tiny Polka Dot comes with 12 different games,...

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