K.2 - Children, Families, and Communities

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Children, families, and communities exhibit cultural similarities and differences.

Each person is unique but also shares common characteristics with other family, school, and community members.
  • Students will identify characteristics of themselves that are similar to their classmates and characteristics that are different, using specific terms and descriptors such as gender, race or ethnicity, and native language.
K.2b Unique family activities and traditions are important parts of an individual's culture and sense of self.
  • Students will explain how their family celebrates birthdays or other special days.
K.2c Children and families from different cultures all share some common characteristics, but also have specific differences that make them unique.
  • Students will learn about and respect individual differences.

Supporting Materials


Around the World Through Holidays

Around The World Through Holidays: Cross Curricular Readers Theatre includes scripts for twelve plays adaptable for any of the reading or performance methods of Readers Theatre presentation. Each play introduces students to a specific world culture by looking at holidays celebrated in that...


Communities Around the World

Compare and contrast the everyday lives of people around the globe, and learn that while people may eat different foods and wear different clothes, they all have things in common. Realize that people around the world meet their needs in ways that make sense in their culture.


Let's Eat!

What we eat says a lot about who we are and where we come from. The five children in this book live in very different countries, and they each have their own ideas about what tastes good. But they have lots in common, too: they all go food shopping and help with the cooking, share mealtimes with...


The Culture of Canada

Viewers will learn about traditional Canadian symbols, contributions of Canadians, food, holidays, crafts, folktales, and Canada Day.


The Culture of Mexico

Viewers will learn about the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. Looks at the influences of indigenous people and Spanish rule in clothing, folktales, foods and holidays. Includes a sample day in the life of a fisherman's son and a young girl in Mexico City. Also looks at Tejano bands, artwork...

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