K.5 - Rules

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Rules affect children and adults, and people make and change rules for many reasons.

Children and adults must follow rules within the home, school, and community to provide for a safe and orderly environment
  • Students will discuss rules for fire, water, traffic, school, and home safety, and what would happen if rules were not followed.
K.5b People in authority make rules and laws that provide for the health and safety of all.
  • Students will discuss classroom routines and rules (e.g., raise hand to ask or answer a question during circle time, walk quietly in the halls when going to specials).
K.5c Children and adults have opportunities to contribute to the development of rules and/or laws.
  • Students will be given an opportunity to create new rules as needed for class activities.

Supporting Materials


Charley Chapters in How to Behave in the Library

Nathaniel has a tough assignment. He is supposed to write down all of the rules on how to behave in the library and why it is important to follow each rule. With the help of his good friend Emily, Charley Chapters and the library media specialist Ms. Bookley, Nathaniel tackles his assignment...


Community Rules & Laws

This program distinguishes between the rules made by institutions such as schools and laws made for everyone in the community. Provides an introduction to the Bill of Rights and the freedoms it preserves for all Americans. Using women's suffrage as an example, explains that unjust laws can be...


Do Unto Otters (A Book About Manners)

When the Otters move in next door to Mr. Rabbit, he does not know how to act with them. Mr. Owl advises him to just treat the Otters the same way you'd like them to treat you. A story that highlights how to be a good neighbor and friend - just simply follow the Golden Rule! Featuring music...


Safety Awareness

Do you wear a seatbelt in the car? Always don a helmet to go biking? Then you're off to a great start following safety rules e safety, Safety Awareness provides students with tips for basic safety practices in all kinds of situations. Young viewers take a look at the role of the 911 dispatcher...

DVDTeachers Guide

Safety First! Rules Have a Reason

Using music and realistic scenarios, this program shows children the reasons behind the safety rules adults ask them to obey. It helps to make them aware of the need to respect those rules and the people whose job it is to enforce them.


Staying Safe: Strangers, Cyberspace & More

Viewers learn the rules to follow when dealing with other people in the neighborhood, at home, and on the Internet. Upbeat and sensitive, the program provides students with practical tips to avoid danger and examples of scenarios in which safety rules must be followed. The importance of...

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