K.6 - Maps and Globes

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Maps and globes are representations of Earth's surface that are used to locate and better understand places and regions.

A globe represents Earth, and maps can be used to represent the world as well as local places or specific regions.
  • Students will identify the differences and similarities between a globe and a map.
K.6b Places and regions can be located on a map or globe using geographic vocabulary.
  • Students will locate on a map familiar places or buildings in the community (e.g., school, grocery store, train station, hospital).
K.6c Places, physical features, and man-made structures can be located on a map or globe and described using specific geographic vocabulary.
  • Students will correctly use words and phrases to indicate location and direction (e.g., up, down, near, far, left, right, straight, back, behind, in front of, next to, between).

Supporting Materials


Crazy For California

Travel reporters Sandy Feet and Sunny Burns take you on a madcap journey across the Golden State which you will not soon forget.

Keywords: travel, landmarks, rhyme, California, geography, United States


Crazy for Canada

Take a trip unlike any other in the company of Lester B. Beaver who travels across the country trying to discover the true meaning of Canada. A great geography lesson for young children who want to learn more about Canada.

Keywords: travel,...


How Geography Affects Communities

This program explains that communities can be classified by their geography; that there are forest, river, mountain, and ocean and valley communities. Provides examples of these communities including forestry in Northern California, wineries in the Napa Valley, Fisherman's Wharf in San...


How Location Affects Life: Different Areas, Climate, Latitude, and Longitude

Students examine geographical and human factors that affect personal and societal ways of life. Physical components such as climate, landform and relative location are discussed, expanding a learner's understanding of characteristics within northern and southern hemispheres, differing latitudes...


Maps & Globes

What is a map? What is a globe? And what are the differences? Maps & Globes teaches students to understand and identify the different parts of maps and globes from lines of latitude and longitude, to hemispheres and poles. Students will also learn the significance of location. By describing...


Our California

Award-winning author Pam Muñoz Ryan celebrates the wonders of her home state. Jaunty poems introduce California's major cities and regions.


The Five Themes of Geography

Join five enthusiastic students in their high-tech "Social Studies Lab" to learn about the five themes of geography: Location, Place, Human-Environment Interactions, Movement, and Regions. Visit locations around the world to understand how geographers study the earth and the people who live here...


Understanding & Making Maps: An Introduction

Combines live action and animation to introduce maps and understand map reading. Describes how maps and globes are drawn to scale to reflect a larger physical geography. Identifies the signs and symbols found on maps and defines key concepts such as scale, relative position, direction, and...


Using Maps & Globes

Building on students’ basic understanding of maps and globes, the more complex concepts of latitude and longitude are introduced. The equator, north and south hemispheres, tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are defined and located down to minutes and degrees. The prime meridian, east and west...

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