K.7 - People, Communities and the Physical Environment

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People and communities are affected by and adapt to their physical environment.

Climate, seasonal weather changes, and the physical features associated with the community and region all affect how people live.
  • Students will describe and give examples of seasonal weather changes and illustrate how weather affects people and communities.

Supporting Materials


Changing Climate

Nearly everyday we hear about global warming. What exactly is global warming and how is the planet undergoing climate change? This concise, easy-to-understand video addresses this question. It also takes a close look at possible causes, consequences, and solutions to this problem.


Crazy For California

Travel reporters Sandy Feet and Sunny Burns take you on a madcap journey across the Golden State which you will not soon forget.

Keywords: travel, landmarks, rhyme, California, geography, United States


Crazy for Canada

Take a trip unlike any other in the company of Lester B. Beaver who travels across the country trying to discover the true meaning of Canada. A great geography lesson for young children who want to learn more about Canada.

Keywords: travel,...


Great Times in All Kinds of Weather

This series features Emily, a dynamic, six year old host, who leads children and adults alike through a new era of discovery utilizing her unique perspective. Using this natural, unscripted format, Emily investigates the world through her own candid comments and questions engaging everyone she...


How Location Affects Life: Different Areas, Climate, Latitude, and Longitude

Students examine geographical and human factors that affect personal and societal ways of life. Physical components such as climate, landform and relative location are discussed, expanding a learner's understanding of characteristics within northern and southern hemispheres, differing latitudes...


Observando el clima (Observing Weather)

Live-action weather footage helps students learn how they can observe the weather. Concepts and terminology: temperature, air pressure, weather systems, precipitation, and wind.

Find the English language version of this video at:...

DVDTeachers Guide

Observing Weather

Live-action weather footage helps students learn how they can observe the weather. Concepts and terminology: temperature, air pressure, weather systems, precipitation, and wind.

Find the Spanish language version of this video at:...


Our California

Award-winning author Pam Muñoz Ryan celebrates the wonders of her home state. Jaunty poems introduce California's major cities and regions.


The Air Around Us

Often hard-to-understand concepts of air, gases, air pressure, and layers of the atmosphere are plainly explained in this fascinating video. Concepts and terminology: oxygen, nitrogen, layers, weather, jet stream, and northern lights.


Weather Safety

Staying safe in all kinds of weather and avoiding weather-related injuries are the focus of this practical video. Concepts and terminology: lightning, tornado, wind, hurricane, and safe shelter.

Each program consists of a 10 to 12-minute video with an on-screen assessments and vocabulary...

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