K.8 - The Past, Present and Future

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The past, present and future describe points in time and help us examine and understand events.

Specific words and phrases related to chronology and time should be used when recounting events and experiences.
  • Students will correctly use words related to chronology and time when recounting events and experiences (e.g., first, next, last; now, long ago; before, after; morning, afternoon, night; yesterday, today, tomorrow; last or next week, month, year; and present, past, and future tenses of verbs).
K.8b People use folktales, legends, oral histories, and music to teach values, ideas, traditions, and important events from the past.
  • Students will retell a story and explain the value, idea, tradition, or important event that it expressed.

Supporting Materials


The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks

A greedy lord captures the drake to enjoy its beautiful plumage, separating a pair of inseparable mandarin ducks. A kind kitchen maid, no longer able to bear the duck in captivity, frees it from its cage. When the lord discovers the missing drake, he banishes the servant and her husband,...


Tikki Tikki Tembo (Unabridged)

This folktale explains why Chinese people no longer choose long names for their children.


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