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The physical environment and natural resources of North America influenced the development of the first human settlements and the culture of Native Americans. Native American societies varied across North America.

Geography and climate influenced the migration and cultural development of Native Americans. Native Americans in North America settled into different regions and developed distinct cultures.
  • Students will examine theories of human settlement of the Americas.
  • Students will compare and contrast different Native American culture groups, with a focus on the influence geographic factors had on their development, including Sioux and Anasazi.
  • Students will examine the various Native American culture groups located within what became New York State including Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), and the influence geographic factors had on their development.

Supporting Materials


Anasazi, Taos & Blackfeet

"Wonders of the Ancient World" explores some of the world's most remarkable historic treasures in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. This far-reaching series features fantastic monuments such as the Pyramids, the Acropolis and the Taj Mahal, and investigates fascinating people such as the...


Exploring Our Past: Comparing the Lives of Native Peoples

This program compares and contrasts the lives of early Native people's of North America. Using beautifully recorded reenactment footage, rare archival photos and colorful maps, the life of Native American people will come to life for students. The programs explore, in depth, the Native People...


Exploring Our Past: Native American Life

Narrated by Joanne Shenandoah, this documentary explores the lives of early Native People of the Pacific Northwest, the Eastern Woodlands, the Desert Southwest and the Great Plains, using dramatic reenactments, rare archival footage and maps. The program compares and contrasts the lives of the...

Web Resource

History of Wyoming County, NY with Illustrations, Biographical Sketches and Portraits of Some Pioneers and Prominent Residents (1880)

Book digitized by Google and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user benuski.

Also found at:



A fascinating study of North American Indians accurately portraying their history, culture and way of life today. Leading Native American scholars discuss the specific histories of each of the North American peoples and challenge many still-prevalent myths and stereotypes. Each program focuses...


Iroquois Voices, Iroquois Visions: A Celebration of Contemporary Six Nations Arts

Collection of poetry, prose, and pictures by contemporary Iroquois people.


Native American civilizations

Presents popular Native American myths and explores the historical, social, and cultural forces that gave rise to, shaped, and preserved them. Provides additional information on Native American religion, daily life, inventions, military, trade, and arts.


The Colony of Connecticut

The colony of Connecticut was instrumental in the formation of the United States. Connecticut was the birthplace of some of the most important patriots of the American Revolution, including Nathan Hale, who was a famous patriot spy. As readers explore the history of Connecticut during its time...


The Colony of Maryland

This volume introduces readers to Maryland, the colony that promised Catholics religious freedom and success. This engaging text takes readers back in time, as they learn about early life in the colony, the rise of industries, and the inevitable tension with the British. National and state...


The Colony of New York

New York played an important part in America's fight for independence. New York City even served as the first capital of the United States! Readers explore the history of New York from its discovery by Europeans and its colonization by both the Dutch and British through its role in the American...


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