10.7 - Decolonization and Nationalism

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Nationalist and decolonization movements employed a variety of methods, including nonviolent resistance and armed struggle. Tensions and conflicts often continued after independence as new challenges arose.

Independence movements in India and Indochina developed in response to European control.
  • Students will explore Gandhi’s nonviolent nationalist movement and nationalist efforts led by the Muslim League aimed at the masses that resulted in a British-partitioned subcontinent.
  • Students will compare and contrast the ideologies and methodologies of Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh as nationalist leaders.
10.7b African independence movements gained strength as European states struggled economically after World War II. European efforts to limit African nationalist movements were often unsuccessful.
  • Students will explore at least two of these three African independence movements: Ghana, Algeria, Kenya.
10.7c Nationalism in the Middle East was often influenced by factors such as religious beliefs and secularism.
  • Students will investigate Zionism, the mandates created at the end of World War I, and Arab nationalism.
  • Students will examine the creation of the State of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
10.7d Nationalism in China influenced the removal of the imperial regime, led to numerous conflicts, and resulted in the formation of the communist People’s Republic of China.
  • Students will trace the Chinese Civil War, including the role of warlords, nationalists, communists, and the world wars that resulted in the division of China into a communist- run People’s Republic of China and a nationalist-run Taiwan.
  • Students will investigate political, economic, and social policies under Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping and compare and contrast these policies.

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