¡Arte y más! Lesson 20

¡Arte y más! Lesson 20
¡Arte y más! Lesson 20

After the “Hola” song, Srs. Alicia and Susana use the caja mágica (magic box) to review grande (big) and pequeño (small). Then, students see a performance of “La raspa,” a traditional Mexican dance, performed by students at Northern Elementary in Fayette County. Sra. Alicia conducts a vocabulary review of el libro grande (the big book), el libro pequeño (the small book), el lápiz grande (the big pencil), el lápiz pequeño (the small pencil), la mesa grande (the big table), la mesa pequeña (the small table), la silla grande (the big chair) la silla pequeña (the small chair), la flor grande (the big flower), la flor pequeña (the small flower), el tren grande (the big train), and el tren pequeño (the small train). The video closes with the “Adiós” song.

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