¡Arte y más! Lesson 57

¡Arte y más! Lesson 57
¡Arte y más! Lesson 57

The lesson opens with the ”Hola” song. Then, Ricitos de Oro visits the set and sings a song that tells the story of the three bears. Sra. Alicia and Ricitos de Oro introduce the personajes (characters) of the story. They also introduce the color rosado (pink). Students then participate in the color movement activity. In addition to doing the movements for the colors red, green, purple, orange, black, white, blue, and yellow, Sra. Alicia adds movements for brown and pink. At the end of the lesson Sra. Alicia shows the students Ricitos de Oro’s pink bows. To review the number diecinueve (nineteen) she invites students to count pink bows. The lesson closes with the “Adios” song.

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