All About Magnets

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Understanding the world around us can be a real adventure! That's the message in this 11-part series for children in grades K-4. Kids travel along as our young host explores the world of physical science and how it can be seen, touched and understood in everyday life. Simple demonstrations will help children comprehend basic concepts, including the properties of matter, forces & gravity, light, sound, flight, simple machines and more. Along the way, our host uses plenty of fun, real-life examples, as well as her natural love of learning, to make each programs its own fascinating adventure! Frequent reviews and hands-on activities are included in each show as well as information about an investigation data sheet, available online, that can be used for assessment purposes.

All About Magnets
In "All About Magnets," kids explore what makes something "magnetic" and learn that while magnets come in many different shapes and sizes, they all have two things in common - a north and south pole. They discover that opposites attract and likes repel, and how this concept is used to propel the unique "Bullet Train," which is able to move at high speeds without touching the train tracks! The program also explains magnetic fields and introduces electromagnets - dramatically demonstrated by a scrapyard crane lifting tons of metal high in the air. Also included is a fun activity that illustrates how kids can use a magnet to remove iron from fortified breakfast cereals. This program is based on the concepts outlined in the National Science Education Standards for Physical Science.

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