Ancient African Architecture

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"Wonders of the Ancient World" explores some of the world's most remarkable historic treasures in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. This far-reaching series features fantastic monuments such as the Pyramids, the Acropolis and the Taj Mahal, and investigates fascinating people such as the Maya, Inca and Ashanti. Through wonderful footage of World Heritage Sites as identified by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) for their lasting value to humanity, modern students will get a glimpse of the world's rich and diverse cultural history.

Ancient African Architecture
Travel to ancient Africa for a vivid tour of some of this continent's most revered architectural accomplishments, ranging from the legendary stone ruins of Great Zimbabwe to the 11 rock churches of Lalibela, a place of Christian pilgrimage and devotion in Ethiopia. Students will also discover Fasil Ghebbi, the fortress city of the Ethiopian emperor Fasilides, which is renowned for its masterful architecture, featuring many palaces, churches and monasteries.

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