Ancient India

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"Wonders of the Ancient World" explores some of the world's most remarkable historic treasures in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. This far-reaching series features fantastic monuments such as the Pyramids, the Acropolis and the Taj Mahal, and investigates fascinating people such as the Maya, Inca and Ashanti. Through wonderful footage of World Heritage Sites as identified by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) for their lasting value to humanity, modern students will get a glimpse of the world's rich and diverse cultural history.

Ancient India
The Taj Mahal may be considered an architectural masterpiece, but it is just one of the many landmarks that dot the countryside of this fabled land. From the red sandstone fortress of Agra to the marble palaces and exquisite Shalamar Gardens of Lahore, students will get a vivid look at some of India's most heralded locales, including Fatehpur Sikri, the 16th-century capital city of the Mughal Empire, built by the esteemed Akbar the Great.

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