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Curriculum resource for teachers includes:

  • 20 Reproductions
  • Teachers guide to lessons and activities for fifth and sixth graders (book)
  • Teachers guide to lessons and activities for fifth and sixth graders (cd)

The teachers guide includes four lessons designed to teach a subject through works of art. The four subjects are:

  • Greco-Roman Origin Myths
  • Heroes & Heroines
  • Art & Ecology
  • Nineteenth-Century America in Art & Literature

The four lessons in Art& are designed to enhance your teaching and student learning of core content material. Using works of art from the collections of the National Gallery, Washington, lessons are tied to fifth- and sixth-grade national curriculum standards in English language arts, geography, history, mathematics, science, social studies, theater, and the visual arts. Each lesson has been designed with advice from teachers and has been field tested and evaluated in the Gallery's multiple-visit program Art Around the Corner, which was developed for fifth- and sixth-grade students in the District of Columbia Public Schools. Recently a national panel of educators reviewed the lessons in preparation for publication and use by classroom teachers around the country. Lessons are written for teachers who may not have taught art but who would like to incorporate art into their classrooms.