Astronomy Series

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This four-part video series presents a detailed review of the important concepts in middle school earth science relating to Earth-Sun-Moon system, characteristics of the inner and outer planets, and fascinating highlights of the universe.

The four segments include:
Earth, Sun, and Moon:
Describes the characteristics of the earth, sun, and moon. Concepts and vocabulary covered in the program include: axis, rotation, revolution, compass, auroras, northern lights, magnetic field, summer solstice, autumnal equinox, winter solstice, spring equinox, moon, waxing, waning, full moon, new moon, first quarter, and last quarter.

Inner Planets:
This title explores the features of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Animations illustrate how planets travel in elliptical orbits around the sun. Colorful images taken by satellites and telescopes highlight characteristics of the inner planets. Other terminology includes: solar system, nebular hypothesis, nebula, sun, nuclear fusion, orbit, inertia, and ellipse.

Outer Planets:
Students are taken on an exciting animated trip to the outer reaches of our solar system. Images from NASA and the Hubble space Telescope illustrate the Giant Red Spot on Jupiter, Saturns' beautiful rings, the tilted rings of Uranus, and the frozen features of Neptune and Pluto. Other terminology includes: Milky Way Galaxy, ellipse, revolution, rotation, Asteroid Belt, asteroids, moons, Titan, atmosphere, methane and hydrogen.

The Amazing Universe:
This show explores the fascinating features of the universe, the different types of galaxies in our solar system and the position of our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy. Other terminology includes: constellations, spiral galaxy, elliptical galaxy, barred spiral galaxy, light-year, apparent magnitude, nebula, white dwarf, giant star, neutron star, supernova, prominence, sunspot, solar flare, meteor, crater, and comet.

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