Binny for Short

Binny for Short
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Micah Player

By the time Binny is eleven years old she has lived in two worlds. A child's world, and a time-to-start-growing-up-now world. An easy world, and a hard world. The first world held Binny; her mother and father; her big sister, Clem; and her little brother, James. And Max, the best dog in the whole world. But after her father's death, money was tight, and Binny's world became cramped apartments with no room for Max. So horrible Aunty Violet stepped in and gave Max away.

Binny cannot get her father back, but she never stops trying to find Max. Then Aunty Violet dies and leaves Binny and her family an old house in a seaside town. And Binny's world is transformed again. She is faced with a new crush, a new frenemy, and...a ghost? It seems Aunty Violet may not have completely departed. Still, Binny has the warmth of her busy and loving mother, her musical older sister, and her hilarious little brother, who is always busy with his experiments. And his wetsuit. And his chickens. And, of course, Binny never stops looking for Max.

Fierce and funny, tender and true, Binny is a girl who never gives up in this uproariously charming tale about finding a true home.

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