Castro and the Cuban Revolution

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This exciting series examines the underlying causes and dramatic effects associated with revolutions throughout world history. Join us as we explore the revolutionary philosophies and strategies of world leaders, and determine the social, political and economic conditions that helped spark popular uprisings. "World Revolutions for Students" will provide students with an understanding of the historic motivations for revolution, such as poverty, oppression and foreign domination, and relate how concepts such as human rights, popular sovereignty and nationalism combined with the power of dynamic and influential figures have inspired people to struggle for reform and seek a better way of life.

Castro and the Cuban Revolution
Shortly after Cuban guerrilla leader Fidel Castro helped oust unpopular military dictator Fulgencio Batista, he began remaking the country into a communist society. "Castro and the Cuban Revolution" relates how the controversial Castro championed Cuban independence and sought to meet the social and economic needs of the country's peasants while maintaining his power through harsh political repression. Students will trace Cuba's turbulent political past, moving from Spanish colonial rule to American intervention to a close association with the Soviet Union, and ultimately true independence. Striking footage, primary accounts and expert interviews clearly illustrate the dramatic events of this important historical revolution and provide insight into its contemporary themes.

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