China: A Global Economic Power

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China is a global economic power.

Chapter 1: Hong Kong, Economic Catalyst 2 min.
Hong Kong is a key international center of commerce and finance. As a former colony of Great Britain until the offshore island was returned to Communist China in 1997, it is a linchpin for the booming economic growth within China and between China and the rest of the world.

Chapter 2: Guangzhou (Canton) & Regional Agriculture 5 min.
Today, there is a vibrant 100 mile long Chinese economic corridor from the island of Hong Kong that extends throughout the mainland Province of Guangdong, which contains the city of Guangzhou (formerly Canton). Among the 1.3 billion Chinese, there is now an historic mass migration of hundreds of millions of peasants from rural China to cities like Guangzhou in search of of a better life.

Chapter 3: Shenzhen: Special Economic Zone 2 min.
Guangzhou is located next to several special economic zones in Guangdong Province, such as Shenzhen, which allow foreigners to invest in and operate factories with minimal government regulation. With these economic incentives, a city like Shenzhen is typical, which has exploded in a few decades from a sleepy town into a city of nine million. 

Chapter 4: China, Recent History 3 min.
Until his death in 1976, the attempts of Communist China’s leader, Mao Zedong, to build a new society were marked by many failures and terrible hardships for the Chinese people. The subsequent leadership very significantly changed China’s economic model towards less government control and more private enterprise, with great success. 

Chapter 5: Cultural Changes 2 min.
Yet, almost half the population still lives in rural areas where life is far more traditional. Booming economic growth on such a vast scale inevitably has brought with it not only a rapidly expanding middle and upper class; but also deepening problems for urban immigrants’ living conditions, systemic corruption, the pervasive pollution of land, water, and air, and product and worker safety problems. 

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