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This informative series empowers teenagers to make responsible decisions by providing them with honest and realistic information and an accessible scientific foundation upon which to base them. Students get an in-depth look at the most prominent drugs and teen health issues of the day, as well as an understanding of the history of the drugs that currently populate the nation's landscape. Cutting-edge graphics and animations illustrate the immediate physiological effects of abuse, and a sharp mix of expert interviews and first-person testimonies shed light on the long-term psychological effects, as well as the social and legal consequences of drug use.

Ecstasy, GBH and ketamine are among a number of 'designer drugs' that are often taken by teens at clubs, parties and all-night raves. "Club Drugs" gives viewers an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the effects these drugs have on the user, both physically and mentally. The dangers of polydrug use are vividly illustrated. First-person accounts powerfully relate the damaging and often lethal consequences of use, while intense animations illustrate how these drugs can irreversibly alter the chemistry of the brain.

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