Cowboys and Librarians | Oh Noah!

Cowboys and Librarians | Oh Noah!
Cowboys and Librarians | Oh Noah!

Learn and practice Spanish, including vocabulary for kitchen items and shapes with the Oh Noah! “Cowboys and Librarians,” webisode, related games, lesson plans, and activities. In “Cowboys and Librarians,” Coco’s library book about cowboys is overdue, and Noah offers to return it for her. But when he gets in a taxi and says “library” in English while pointing to the book cover, the driver misunderstands and takes him to a ranch. After many hilarious attempts to ride a horse, Noah finally gallops off into the sunset, and gets to the library just before closing time. Students can learn, build upon, and apply the Spanish vocabulary through playing the interactive games. In the lesson plan, students will practice this Spanish vocabulary through a variety of hands-on games, and making craft dough to practice identifying shapes in Spanish.

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