This is Daniel Cook: Animals

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The five 6 minute segments in Animals are:
1) THIS IS DANIEL COOK MILKING A COW - Daniel learns about the different types of cows on a farm and how farmers take care of their animals. Daniel brushes and feeds a cow before learning how to milk her.

2) THIS IS DANIEL COOK LEARNING ABOUT RAPTORS - Daniel visits a local wildlife preserve and learns how wounded birds are cared for. Daniel learns about screech owls and assists one of the instructors in a hawk flying demonstration.

3) THIS IS DANIEL COOK FEEDING GIRAFFES - Daniel visits the zoo and learns what types of snacks giraffes like to eat. Daniel helps prepare the giraffe food before helping to deliver the snacks.

4) THIS IS DANIEL COOK TRAINING PUPPIES - Daniel Cook meets a dog trainer who teaches him how to help take care of a new puppy. Daniel works with the trainer to teach a six-week-old puppy to sit and stay.

5) THIS IS DANIEL COOK AT THE FARM - Daniel visits a local farm and learns about the animals that live there. Daniel helps feed the animals before exploring the barn.

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