This is Daniel Cook: Creating - Art

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The five 6 minute segments in Creating Art are:
1) THIS IS DANIEL COOK AT THE ART GALLERY - Daniel learns about priceless paintings and hundred year old sculptures as he explores an art gallery. Daniel tours several galleries and plays 'I Spy' with his favorite painting.

2) THIS IS DANIEL COOK MAKING PLASTICINE ART - Daniel joins artist Barbara Reid and learns how to create plasticine art. Together, Barbara and Daniel create a tornado plasticine scene.

3) THIS IS DANIEL COOK PAINTING GIRAFFES - Daniel joins painter Robert Bateman and learns how to paint animals. Together, Robert and Daniel paint a giraffe eating from a tree.

4) THIS IS DANIEL COOK DRAWING DRAGONS - Daniel joins artist Michael Martchenko and learns how to draw a dragon. Daniel watches Michael before creating his own three-headed robotic dragon.

5) THIS IS DANIEL COOK MAKING A CLAY DRAGON - Daniel learns how to work clay into a dragon shape. Daniel paints his clay dragon before putting it in the kiln.

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