This is Daniel Cook: Fitness / Movement

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This series features six-year old Daniel Cook. Well-mannered, inquisitive and intelligent Daniel explores the world around him through his own candid questions. Simple, pure, and honest, this is a series that allows children to view everything from Daniel's perspective, seeing what he sees and learning what he learns. Each segment is six minutes long and they have been aggregated thematically into 13 half-hour episodes, each with 5 separate segments. There is a companion interactive website to enhance and further the Daniel Cook experience.

The five 6 minute segments in Fitness/Movement are:

1) THIS IS DANIEL COOK LEARNING GYMNASTICS - Daniel sits in on his first gymnastics class. Daniel learns how to walk across a beam and why gymnasts practice on the trampoline.

2) THIS IS DANIEL COOK DOING BALLET - Daniel has been invited to a local dance studio to try a ballet lesson. Daniel learns how to stand on his tiptoes, pirouette and spin.

3) THIS IS DANIEL COOK LEARNING TO BREAK DANCE - Daniel takes his first break dancing lesson. Daniel learns how to listen and dance to the beats in a song before creating his own break dancing moves.

4) THIS IS DANIEL COOK TAP DANCING - Daniel gets his first formal tap dancing lesson. Daniel learns about tap shoes before hitting the dance floor to create his own tap dancing moves.

5) THIS IS DANIEL COOK EXERCISING - Daniel joins the YMCA for a fitness class. Daniel learns the importance of stretching and how a little bit of exercise can go a long way to staying healthy.

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