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Everybody wants to be healthy. When you're healthy, you feel good - physically and emotionally! But good health doesn't just happen. "Health for Children" introduces young viewers to the importance of making good choices about health and wellness and gives practical advice about how to develop healthy habits and set personal health goals. Students model real-life scenarios and determine how to respond in healthy and positive ways at home, school and beyond! They will explore what happens when you call 911, how to resolve a dispute with a friend and the positive power of journaling. From the food groups and basic personal hygiene to self-esteem and surfing the Internet safely, this engaging series guides children to think about the choices they make everyday. To your health!

Decisions & Conflicts
Whether it's choosing what to wear or deciding to say no to a friend, for every one of us, each day is full of lots of different choices and decisions. "Decisions & Conflicts" familiarizes students with the steps involved in the decision-making process and shows them how to achieve an outcome that is right for them. Join us as we examine negative and positive behaviors in conflict situations, such as dealing with bullies and peer pressure. Viewers will also learn to develop assertiveness and other useful refusal skills for common situations. This important program demonstrates how taking the time to make the best decision for yourself - no matter what or whom you're dealing with - will keep you and those around you a lot healthier!

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