Diego Dragon

Diego Dragon
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Dragon Diego Dart is quite a trouble maker. His fiery breath has already set more than one shrub in flames! Oops! This year, of all years, he missed the target of the fire spitting competition by so much that he set Uncle Drooge‘s hat on fire. However, Diego‘s rivals are by no means better marksmen and also miss the target more than once. Who will win this race of the fiery dragon competition?
In each round a different player takes on the role of Dragon Diego Dart. He secretly draws a little tile showing one of the six target squares in the dragon stadium. Diego now tries to hit this square rolling the three fire balls towards it. Then the other players guess which square he was supposed to hit. Being good at rolling, as well as being good at guessing, will score the most points. The aim of the game is to move one‘s dragon the furthest on the counting strip, thus winning the game.

Play Information
Play Time: 
15 min.
Min. Player: 
Max. Players: 
Curricular Information
Game Shelf #9