The Dutch & New Amsterdam

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These engaging presentations view the traditions of early colonial life through contemporary insights into the men, women and children who carried their dreams of a new life to the New World. Follow along as colonial life experts tour the modern-day sites of these settlements to learn the history of the people who settled them and discover what daily life was really like. Through its historical content and portrayal of the human spirit, Colonial Life for Children crafts the legacy of these early settlers into a personal experience that students and adults can share together.

The Dutch & New Amsterdam
Seeking a shortcut to Asia through the fabled Northwest Passage in the New World, explorer Henry Hudson, sailing for the Dutch, laid claim to the region now known as New York and the Hudson River Valley. By 1624, merchants from the Dutch West India Company founded the colony of New Netherland and established New Amsterdam as its capital city. Learn the tumultuous history of this ragtag settlement, one that was made up of a remarkable multitude of nationalities and religions, much like its future incarnation — New York City.

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