Eat Right! The Food Pyramid

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The new USDA dietary guidelines and revised food pyramid are out. The 2005 report suggests that “soft drinks, donuts, and french fries are the foundation for a healthy diet.” Wow! Nutrition education could become the hot course this year. OK, so that wasn’t exactly what the guidelines said; so dream on. What they really said was more like, “Grandma was right! Get off your rear and eat more veggies.” Every five years the USDA confers with leading nutrition experts to recommend the healthiest diet. The 2005 version of the guidelines and food pyramid emphasizes the importance of physical activity and eating nutrient dense foods. For the first time, the food pyramid includes moderate to vigorous exercise as part of the “daily diet.” Many expected the experts to say “hold the carbs.” Instead, the pyramid still has carbs as the major source of calories. But it points out that not all carbs are the same and suggests at least three servings of whole grains daily. Students who think “

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