Education in Fiji

Education in Fiji
Education in Fiji

Several students on the 2010 trip to Fiji wanted to focus on the children of Fiji. Undergraduate Anna McCown’s individual project was a study of education in Fiji. Anna noted cultural differences in the interactions between teachers and students. The primary focus of her project was the loss of indigenous knowledge due to the influences of western colonialism and the development of the educational system and curriculum in Fiji. Undergraduate Lindsay Whiteaker studied the Fijian child’s perspective, how they live, their ideas about food and social relationships. She gave children drawing assignments, and then interviewed them after completion of their drawings. Her group project was a study of Fijian music. Undergraduate Helena Corzan’s individual project was to discover cultural differences by asking children to take photographs of things they thought were beautiful, things they thought were ugly, as well as their friends, family, and their home. Her findings are surprising.

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