Eight Keys

Eight Keys
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For Elise, nothing has seemed right since middle school started. She gets tortured by her locker partner and can't get her homework done. A new baby moves into her house, interrupting her wonderful life with Uncle Hugh and Aunt Bessie. Worst of all, things with her best friend, Franklin, are just not the same as they used to be.

Then Elise discovers a secret: a mysterious key labeled with her name. Could it open one of the eight doors in the barn above Uncle Hugh's workshop, the ones that have been locked as long as she can remember? Could whatever's behind those doors be for her?

On a quest to make sense of a complex gift left for her by her father before he died, Elise discovers the heart of family and friendship, and begins to unlock the biggest mystery of all: herself.

The imaginative and touching Eight Keys fulfills the enormous promise of Suzanne LaFleur's debut, the award-winning and widely hailed Love Aubrey.

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