Espana 1936

Espana 1936
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It’s 1936.  While the rest of Europe is about to be hurled into a devastating era, a longstanding conflict in Spain begins to boil over into a bloody civil war.  Unusual alliances form as Anarchists, Fascists, Communists, Monarchists, Arabs, Germans and Italians all take part in the division of the Iberian Peninsula.  The events in Spain set the stage for what later played out in World War II, and whether you defeat the brutal fascist Franco or solidify his power, this is your chance to rewrite an important piece of world history... España 1936! 
In this game, players deploy troops and other resources, channel wily generals, and use foreign allies to control major regions of Spain.  Everything happens while event cards simulate a clock pushing the game toward 1939.  Both beginner and expert gamers will enjoy the complexity and pace of the game while learning about this important period in Spanish and world history. 

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240 min.
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