Evaluating Sources

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Throughout their lives, successful people use information to make decisions, solve problems and communicate more effectively. Based on information literacy standards, this series helps students learn to navigate our complex, information-rich world through the development of critical research skills and the ability to access, evaluate and use information. This series was developed with Joyce Kasman Valenza, a nationally recognized school librarian, as well as a columnist, author and speaker on issues relating to libraries, educational technology and information literacy. It includes skills such as how to focus and refine a research question, how to access information on the invisible Web, how to synthesize information throughout the research process and how to communicate new knowledge most effectively.

Evaluating Sources
Finding the right answers and best available research means knowing how to evaluate information. What are the author's credentials? Is he or she credible? Is the information accurate and relevant to the focus or question? Is the information up to date? At every stage of the research process, exploring these questions leads to sources that result in success. Mastering the skills of evaluation means a lifetime of having the best information for making decisions in today's information age.

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