Family Doctor

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A family doctor explains that all kinds of people visit him in the medical center for check-ups and referrals to specialists. He recalls that he loved science and math at school and always looked forward to the day when he could make a living helping people of all ages stay healthy. A young girl is brought to the doctor for a medical check-up that includes an examination of her vision, ears, nose, throat, and heart, and advice about healthy habits such as washing her hands and brushing her teeth. The doctor agrees that the worst part of seeing a doctor is getting shots but reminds us that a brief, painful moment can prevent us from becoming very ill. In a final sequence he cautions that overweight children are unhealthy and that the best way to stay healthy is to eat well and have fun running and playing with friends. Teacher's Guide inside DVD jacket. Please note that this title is also available in the "Timely Topics Collection" housed in your primary/elementary school library media center.

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