Global Economic Issues

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"Global Issues for Students" provides an in-depth analysis of current world problems. We have entered a new era of globalization - a level of interconnection unprecedented in world history. One of the most important results of this new wave of globalization is our heightened awareness of how the importance of human rights, the vast differences between rich and poor, the spread of disease and the use of Earth's resources affect us all. Programs in this series focus on modern global issues, their historical roots and the exploration of varied viewpoints and solutions. Using comprehensive news footage and commentary from some of the world's leading experts, students will gain a greater understanding of the most important issues affecting the world today.

Global Economic Issues
A major aspect of globalization is the increased interconnectedness of the world economy. Thanks to transportation and communications technologies, trillions of dollars worth of currencies, goods and services flash across the world each day. Free trade advocates stress that nations, which have embraced global trade policies, have benefited tremendously. However, "fair traders" say that the rules of the global economy are unfair and that only a few benefit, causing an increased gap between rich and poor. Global Economic Issues explores the early wave of globalization, explains the post-World War II trend toward increased government control of the economy and examines issues associated with the recent wave of economic globalization.

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