Global Science & Technology Issues

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"Global Issues for Students" provides an in-depth analysis of current world problems. We have entered a new era of globalization - a level of interconnection unprecedented in world history. One of the most important results of this new wave of globalization is our heightened awareness of how the importance of human rights, the vast differences between rich and poor, the spread of disease and the use of Earth's resources affect us all. Programs in this series focus on modern global issues, their historical roots and the exploration of varied viewpoints and solutions. Using comprehensive news footage and commentary from some of the world's leading experts, students will gain a greater understanding of the most important issues affecting the world today.

Global Science & Technology Issues
Advances in science and technology have transformed the lives of people all over the world. However, billions of people in the developing world do not have access to even the basics of technology, which contributes heavily to malnourishment, disease and political instability. Also, because of the growing "digital divide," many people are in danger of literally being cut off from the rest of the world. This program addresses the benefits and drawbacks associated with information technologies and smart weapons, explores the hopes and fears surrounding the development of genetically modified foods, and helps students understand the debate over lowering the cost of life-saving pharmaceuticals for the world's poor.

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