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This is truly world music—an international collection of musical instruments, including the koto (a Japanese zither), the duda (a Hungarian bagpipe), mbira (a linguaphone from Zimbabwe), and hardanger fiddle (a folk violin from Norway). Author and composer Andy Jackson talks to Jim Smith, editor of the Sussex Tapes Music series and Director of Music at the Royal Grammar School, Worcester, U.K.

  • Quena - flute from Andes
  • Koto - zither from Japan
  • Atumpan - talking drum from Ghana
  • Duda - bagpipe from Hungary
  • Didjeridu - trumpet from Australia
  • Sitar - lute from India
  • Gender - metal xylophone from Indonesia
  • Mbira - linuaphone from Zimbabwe
  • Sheng - mouth organ from China
  • Peyote water drum - kettledrum from North America
  • Hardanger fiddle - folk violin from Norway
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