Iroquois: Indians of the Northeast

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Five warring Native American tribes, also known as the "Five Nations", the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onondaga, the Cayuga, and the Seneca, negotiated the Great Law of Peace or the League of the Iroquois, which influenced American political thinkers. Nonetheless, the American Revolution split the confederation, pitting old friends against each other and signaling the decline of their power.

  • Key curriculum topic, meeting state standards for study of Native American cultures in early Social Studies/History units in primary grades as well as in common grade 5 and 8 U.S. History courses.
  • This production covers both the well-known tribal names and the regional approach to the study of Native American cultures favored by the standard textbooks and social studies courses.
  • High-quality production values from the original release still evident in this revision. Series is an award-winner at the American Indian Film Festival, features spectacular footage from locations where the stories occurred, with music from Indian musicians.
  • Aligs to NYS U.S. History curriculum standards such as the Westward Movement by relating the values of pre-contact Native cultures to the changes brought by pioneering groups from European cultures.

Use this video to support ELA Grade 4 Module 1 where students read, write, listen, and speak to begin to understand the founding and structure of the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois Confederacy.

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