Journey Through the Northern Rainforest

Journey Through the Northern Rainforest
Curriculum Kit
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Rain Forests
curriculum kit.
Denise Y. Takahashi

Put on a Haida Indian eagle mask and soar as a magnificent bird of prey into the endangered world of the northern rainforest. Delicate, clearly captioned line drawings guide readers on an unforgettable journey through the seasons of a bald eagle's year, while crystalline photographs by world-renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe and a compelling, fact-filled narrative by Karen Pandell reveal the secrets of our national bird's natural habitat. Readers will learn the cycles that keep this fascinating and essential ecosystem in balance, from the great engine of the water system to the forest's fertile patterns of decay and rebirth. Detailed notes (including Web site information) are provided at the end of the book for those who want to become more involved in saving this most precious of our natural resources.

Both a cultural lesson on humanity's role in the world's ecosystem and a stunning pictorial of the only North American rainforests and their inhabitants, this book will be a favorite for nature lovers of all ages.

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