Junie B. Jones Collection: Books 5-8 (Unabridged)

Junie B. Jones Collection: Books 5-8 (Unabridged)
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The world's funniest kindergartner is back with four more silly escapades in one audiobook!

Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake
It's Carnival Night, and Lucille has already won a box of fluffy cupcakes with sprinkles on them. But when Junie B. wins that Cake Walk, she chooses the bestest cake of all, the one wrapped in aluminum foil. How was she to know it was a lethal weapon?

Junie B. Jones and that Meanie Jim's Birthday
That meanie Jim has invited everyone in Room Nine to his birthday party on Saturday, except Junie B.! Should she have her own birthday party six months early and not invite Jim? Or should she move to It's a Small World After All in Disneyland?

Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren
There's a new boy in kindergarten, and guess what? He's the handsomest guy Junie B. has ever seen! She and Lucille and Grace all want him for a boyfriend. Only, he thinks Junie B. is a nutball. Just 'cause she couldn't stop laughing and rolling. So how is she supposed to get that boy to love her?

Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed
There's no such things as monsters. Mother and Daddy even said so. But then why is there monster drool on Junie B.'s pillow? Oh, no! What if Paulie Allen Puffer is right, what if she really does have a monster under her bed? If Junie B. goes to sleep, the moster might see her feet hanging down. And he might think her piggy toes are yummy little weiner sausages!

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