Let's Make Music!

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Multicultural Songs and Activities by Jessica Baron Turner and Ronny Susan Schiff

1. Introduction
2. Mexico/Maracas
3. These Are the Colors I Know
4. Chile/Rainstick
5. Canta, Canta Pretty Dove
6. Australia/Clappers
7. We'll Go A-Walking About in the Bush
8. China/Pien Chung
9. Chan Mali Chew
10. India/Scraper
11. We Dance with Love
12. Spain/Castanets
13. My Eyes are Smiling
14. England/Buzz Disk
15. In the Garden (Buzz, Buzz, Honey Bee)
16. Germany & Austria/Sleigh Bells
17. Prancing Ponies
18. Nigeria/Shekere
19. Take Comfort Here
20. The Sioux Nation/Frame Drum
21. Sweet, Sweet, We Have Food to Eat
22. Closing/All the Instruments
23. Let's Make Music Again

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