Level X

Level X
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Each Player has 6 Playing Pieces and tries to pick up Victory Points by collecting Tokens at the end of the 6 tracks of the board. Each Track is labeled with a number of 5 to 10. In your turn you roll the 4 dice and put them to groups of 1 to 4 dice each. The total of each group allows you to move one of your pieces in the according track, until you reach the final space of the track, the X-space. When reaching it and when again having a group of dice with the total of that track you get a chip of this number, which is worth the same number of victory points.
But beware: the X-space can only be used by one Player. As soon as the next player's token arrives, your one will be blown out and you have to start again.
If you manage to get one Chip of each value from 5 to 10, you get a bonus token.
The Player with the highest total of all his chips and bonus tokens wins, when 3 piles of chips or all bonus tokens are empty.

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Play Time: 
20 min.
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Game Shelf #2