Long Live the King

Long Live the King
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The king is dying! Historically, in less civilized kingdoms, the reigning monarch had to worry about surviving first, and naming an heir second. However, in larger and more civilized kingdoms, power was often distributed among court nobles and the monarch was fairly stable. Deciding who would succeed the current monarch was still a matter of great importance, though. Often the members of the court would scheme and plan for years in anticipation of the king's demise, mainly for the purpose of attaining as much power as possible, but often aiming to rule the kingdom themselves!
The players in Long Live the King are doing just that. Through the use of your assumed role's existing abilities and resources, you plot and scheme to ensure that when the king dies, you will be in control of the kingdom!
Long Live the King is a dynamic game that marries the diabolic treachery and scheming of the best strategic board and card games with the pomp and circumstance of the most elaborate live-action games. In the role of an ailing king, the gamemaster participates in the roleplaying while moderating the rules.

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Play Time: 
120 min.
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Game Shelf #2