Making Good Choices: Keys to Good Decisions

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Kids today have a lot of important decisions to make. Should I drink alcohol or smoke pot? Should I cheat on a test? Should I inform on a friend? This program introduces students to the four hallmarks of good decision-making: does it agree with what I know inside is right, what might happen as a result, might it hurt future goals, and will it hurt me or another person. Through real-life scenarios viewers see middle school students in the throes of difficult decisions with serious consequences. Applying these new decision-making strategies empowers students to choose the right path. Strategies include talking with a trusted friend, listening to your inner voice, asking yourself what your parents would say, what might happen as a result, what are the consequences. Program encourages students to refrain from acting on impulse but to use their head and heart when working through decisions. By applying the four hallmarks and incorporating strategies learned, students build strong, moral

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