Middle School Computational Thinking Escape Experience

Middle School Computational Thinking Escape Experience
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Goodbye Summer Vacation is a Middle School Escape Experience that engages students with computational thinking concepts and skills. Students will explore logic, sequencing, block programming, efficiency, mirroring and more as they work their way through the experience. This kit contains 3 identical escape kits to accommodate a whole class of students.

The Evil Dr. Doofenshirtz is a wicked and evil scientist who has a strong disdain for children. He is thought to have created a program that will hack into the upcoming school board vote. On the ballot is a vote to remove summer vacations and have school go all year long. The scientist has created a program to ensure the vote will pass and kids will be stuck in school all year long. Doofenshirtz’s has been detained by the police and his materials were confiscated from his trunk. Inside was found an envelope and a box. It is up to your group to go through his materials and stop his fiendish plan before it is too late and you lose your summer vacation!!!!!

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60 min.
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